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Our staff will be happy to help you with specific questions. Please refer to our website for price information and orders.

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You can see more information about your order after you have logged into: At "My Japoto" you can monitor the status of your order (s) and view or change your customer data. You can also see details and the confirmation of your order or ask a question.
Would you like to call anyway? Make sure you have your order number. Did you forget your order number? Then register at: If you do not have the data at hand, our helpdesk will unfortunately not be able to offer you such a good service.

You are a new customer.

You can easily buy the products through our website. Doesn't it work right away? Then you can call us at any time on +31 596 57 2992.
Customer service can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Frequently asked Questions:
What parts are these?

The items we sell are parts from dismantled cars. These are cars that have been declared a total loss by the insurance company and are then bought up by us. We dismantle these cars for sale from the good parts. So used original Japanese and Korean auto parts! By the way, we also sell new (originally factory-built) components.

How do I determine left and right:

On the left is the driver's side, both front and rear.
On the right is the passenger's side, both front and rear.

Availability and delivery time:
All components that you see on our website are in stock. This means that if you order (and pay) before 4:30 p.m., your order will be dispatched the same day.
Our new parts are marked with a delivery time. The delivery time is indicated for each part.
Avoid frustration and try to plan subsequent appointments well (Mondays, public holidays, etc.)

Pick up or have it delivered:

You can choose when ordering via the webshop. In step 3 of the ordering process, you can indicate that you would like to collect the goods yourself. The shipping costs will then be deducted immediately. You can pick up your item on the same day. Japoto makes sure your part is ready!

Pictures Item:

Pictures that you see with us are pictures of this part. We try to make the pictures as carefully as possible.
Pictures of the new components are provided by our supplier. This can sometimes differ from the part actually to be delivered.

Quality indicator:

The quality of the components is always described as precisely as possible. However, it can happen that the quality described differs from the quality described. The qualities with which we judge our components are:

Classification criteria for sheet metal and body parts:
-A1 Like new, no rust and no damage (clean like new)
-A2 Slightly damaged but no rust, acceptable for installation on older cars. Neuwagell may need a bit of putty and a new paint job.
-A3 Damaged without rust, dented parts- putty and painting required. Repair time is a maximum of 1 hour
-A4 Damaged without rust, dented parts- putty and painting necessary. Repair time more than an hour, but less than 2 hours.
- A5 damage has been repaired
- B1 to B4, like A1 to A4, but with superficial rust
- C 1 to C4, like A1 to A4, but with rust, just no hole
- D1 to D4 like A1 to A4, but with rust-related holes
- R 1 t to R4 A1 to A4 scratches, rust and / or holes repaired
-X classification missing or not checked

Technical criteria for the classification of auto parts: engine, transmission, rear axles (universal) and chassis
-A1 Tested for operation, up to 35,000 kilometers is the norm
-A2 Not tested for operation, up to 35,000 kilometers is the norm
- B1 Tested for operation, from 35.00 km to 100,000 km is the norm
- B2 Not tested for operation, from 35,000 km to 100,000 km is the norm
- C1 Tested for operation, more than 100,000 kilometers is the norm
- C2 Not tested for operation, more than 100,000 kilometers is the norm
- R1 (refurbished or repaired) checked for operation
- R 2 (refurbished or repaired) are not checked for operation
- N1 (new) have been tested for functionality
- N2 (new) not tested for functionality
-X classification missing or part not checked

Classification criteria for other auto parts:
Auto parts that do not belong to: engines, transmissions, rear axles (universal), frames and sheet metal.
-A1 In good condition
-A2 Minor damage, but good to use
-A3 Damaged but repairable within 1 hour
-X classification missing or part not checked

Part Numbers:
There are two types of numbers on the parts. There is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and model number. In electronic parts it is always important to check this.
Type numbers are the numbers of the suppliers. You then have to think of Siemens, Bosch, Hella, Valeo, Denso Mitsubishi, etc., for example.

Does the price include sales tax?
Because we offer used and new parts, the VAT is divided. All new parts are provided with the legally applicable value added tax. The price quoted on our website is always including VAT.
Used parts are seen as margin goods, i.e. no VAT is charged. The price of the parts is therefore the "all-in" price.